Sit-stand desk knowledge

The 1/10 further factors for a perfect sit stand desk

PART I Adjustment

First, check the adjustment. Adjusting the desk from sitting to standing to sitting position again will be something you will frequently do. That’s why you should always get one which has an easy form of adjustment. An electrical sit stand desk is best but also costs a little more. Yet, the benefits are amazing. You can move the desk from sit to stand position by the push of a button! If you think that’s the one for you, than you’ll need to set aside some cash.

Yet you can also go for manual one. But be sure to check if you feel comfortable adjusting its position. Here, a hand crank one would not be good as it would require you to put a lot of effort into moving the desk up and down and will also take more time. It would require you to rotate 60 or more cycles to get to stand position from the original sit position. Still there are many cheaper ones which only require a bit of effort. For example, you can get a desk which allows you to move it through a tightening screw. You can unscrew it to enable it to move and then just tighten it when adjusted.