Sit-stand desk knowledge

The 3/10 further factors for a perfect sit stand desk

PART IV: Load Capacity
Another thing to note is the weight it can hold. This is what a desk would usually do i.e. hold weight. So it must be strong enough to hold whatever you put on it and does not break down. This ‘load capacity’ varies according to your needs. Usually, this information is given with the sit stand desk when you are buying it, so making sure it is enough will always keep you on the safe side. 80kg is a minimum requirement which goes up to a 120kg maximum weight. This ensures that you can easily add anything on the work table from a whole computer set to additions for office desks like printers and other required accessories. Again, it depends on your needs so get the one which suits you.

PART V: Desktop Dimensions
The overall shape of the sit stand desk also matters. The thickness of the top can mean the difference in its strength. It should be about 2.0-2.5cm thick to be able to hold everything without looking awkward at the same time. The most popular dimension for office use is 160x80cm. Still you can choose other sizes, from 120x60cm to 180x90cm. It all depends on the available space and what is it going to be used for.