Sit-stand desk knowledge

The 2/10 further factors for a perfect sit stand desk

PART II: Minimum Height
Although you HAVE taken measurements, you should also make sure that the minimum height of sit stand desk is around 60cm-70cm. That makes it high enough to not touch your chair or maybe your legs in cases. For adults this is a major problem as their own body comes in the way of the desk. This would really trouble you later on so you should keep this in mind.

Similarly, you should also note that the average height while in standing position is 120cm. This is conventional for most people and makes it easy to do your work while standing as well. adding more height to this would be fine as you yourself require but lowering it further is usually not good. Unless and until you are getting the sit stand desk for your child, which you are most probably not, then these heights are definitely a MUST.