Sit-stand desk knowledge

The 5/10 further factors for a perfect sit stand desk

PART VIII: Flexible Frame
The sit stand desk frame should be flexible and width adjustable; normally 100-180cm. This means that the frame would be suitable to desktops of different sizes. Also, when in need of a new design or a new desktop, you can always keep the same frame and only buy the desktop, so that you save money and time as well.

PART IX: Environmental Friendliness
Other than that, a few other factors include environmental friendliness, which can be evaluated by their grade. The desktop should usually be E1 or E0 grade. This also means that the coating on the sit stand desk and frame is not toxic, because if a toxic powder dissolves into the air around you, it can cause serious problems. Your family and you might become endangered to diseases. Yes, that’s how major this issue is. Be careful. Buy an environmental friendly desk.