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The Height Adjustable Desk History Dates Back to 1976

The height adjustable desk history started with a friend in a wheelchair.

In 1976, Bent Jensen took over a family business founded by his grandfather Christian Jensen . Since its founding in 1907, the company had evolved very little. Its prime focus was still within agricultural manufacturing.
One day in a conversation with a friend from the days of study. The friend had a disability, and the two friends came up with an idea of a way to adjust the wheelchair – the electric linear actuator was born!

The Height Adjustable Desk History Dates Back to 1976 -Vaka China manufacture

Bent Jensen loved the idea so much that he decided to develop it further. After working on the project for a year, Bent Jensen develops the first electric linear actuator, the LA30, designed to improve various applications primarily within agricultural machinery.
In 1982,after delivering only small quantities of actuators for minor customers in Denmark, the first large order for the actuator LA30 is landed as Taarup Maskinfabrik (today Kverneland Group) asks for 2,000 actuators for its agricultural machines.
In 1984, the company name changed to LINAK – short for ‘Lineær Aktuator’.
In 1998, with the launch of the desk column by LINAK, the first complete actuator system for standing desks was born.

Traditionally, ergonomic desk was adjusted by a manual crank or an imprecise pneumatic system. While the end result is still an ergonomic work setting, the process is cumbersome and inaccurate, with the risk of workplace injury still negating the many of the benefits of the ergonomic furniture investment.
Electric linear actuators are changing this by helping to create precise, quiet and reliable ergonomic applications. Electric height adjustable desk is one of the perfect application of this technology.

The Height Adjustable Desk History Dates Back to 1976 02 -Vaka China manufacture

Vaka is proud to use electric linear actuator technology for manufacturing height adjustable office desks in China.

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