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Vaka standing desk production line

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Vaka standing desk production line

What we can do for our clients

Prompt delivery

Our prompt delivery enables quick completion of engineering projects from order confirmation to project completion, shortening the ordering period by more than 30%, resulting in stocks reduction and improving turnover efficiency.

Customized production

Customized production meets different customers’ requirements, and personalized office space design, to make work more healthy, more comfortable and more efficient.

Standardized production

Standardized production saves the costs by reducing the defective rate, increases the profit space of customers, seizes the market opportunities, and increases the chance of winning the bid.

Quality assurance

VAKA has independent QE inspection department,strict inspection standards, and pre-production inspection to avoid defective products flowing to next production process,improve the quality of products and reduce cost.

Efficient service

With our efficient and quick-response sales and technical development teams, our product customization cycle is shortened more than 7 days compared with furniture industry average level.

Who we serve?

We focus on R&D and production. Our products are highly recognized by office design companies,procurement departments, office furniture e-commerce entrepreneurs,and office furniture dealers,etc.


Factory Introduction

Vaka Intelligent Furniture is a professional manufacturer of intelligent height adjustable office and home furniture. Founded in 2015, we specialize in the design, development, production, and sales of electric standing desks & height adjustable loft beds. And we are good at the development of electrical systems including control boxes, linear actuators, and motors. With rich experience in ODM & OEM, SCM optimization, lean production, and scale effect, Vaka can provide competitive products, and Vaka desks have been well-recognized in over 50 countries.

Guaranteed quality originates from Taiwan.

By adopting Taiwan’s original design and exquisite technology, we make the posture more healthy and comfortable when working & studying, and also make the office and home full of infinite imagination.

Using 3D laser cutting machines ensures standard cutting speed and quality. Taiwan’s standard automatic spraying line guarantees the consistency of spraying thickness and customizes the desired colors for the clients.

The integrated machines of assembly and testing can respond to whether the assembly is good by calculating the damping value while assembling the desk legs.

80% automation equipment, not only ensures high quality & high efficiency & low cost, but also not badly wastes both time & cost for our clients.

The basic tenet of Vaka is that quality is the foundation of our product’s value and dignity. We are proud of being recognized by our strong partners. And we will continuously provide perfect tailored solutions for intelligent office and home furniture.