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Factory introduction

VAKA Intelligent furniture (Guangzhou) co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of smart standing desk. Founded in 2015, we specialize in the design, development, production and sales of standing desks. We specialize in the development of electronic systems, including controllers, linear push rods and motors. The factory has passed ISO9001:2008 system certification. With many years of manufacturing experience, the height adjustable desk produced by VAKA has been highly recognized by customers in overseas markets. VAKA desks have realized Taiwan’s quality and China’s price by adopted Taiwan’s electronic technology and utilizes China’s manufacturing advantages, which provide customers with competitive products to help customers seize the market opportunities.
80% automation equipment,not only ensures the high quality, high efficiency, low cost, but not badly wastes both time and cost for our customers.
At VAKA, quality is the starting point for the value and dignity of our products, and we are proud to be recognized by strong partners. With leading R&D advantages, VAKA continues to provide customers with a complete intelligent office furniture customized solutions.
The vision of VAKA is to “provide the most competitive all-dimensional cost advantage for all offices”. The company is committed to making high-quality technology products from China available to everyone in the world to further improve work efficiency.