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About Us

Vaka Intelligent Furniture is a professional manufacturer of ergonomic height adjustable office and home space furniture.

Founded in 2015, we specialize in the design, development, production, and sales of electric height adjustable standing desks & wall-mounted standing desks & electric lifting beds. And we are good at the development of electrical systems including control boxes, linear actuators, and motors.

With rich experience in OEM & ODM, SCM optimization, lean production, and scale effect, Vaka can provide competitive products, and Vaka desks have been well-recognized in over 50 countries & regions.

Guaranteed quality originates from Taiwan.

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By adopting Taiwan’s original design and exquisite technology, we make the posture more healthy and comfortable when working & studying, and also make the office and home full of infinite imagination.

Using 3D laser cutting machines ensures standard cutting speed and quality. Taiwan’s standard automatic spraying line guarantees the consistency of spraying thickness and customizes the desired colors for the clients.

The integrated machines of assembly and testing can respond to whether the assembly is good by calculating the damping value while assembling the adjustable desk legs.

80% automation equipment, not only ensures high quality & high efficiency & low cost, but also not badly wastes both time & cost for our clients.

The basic tenet of Vaka is that quality is the foundation of our product’s value and dignity. We are proud of being recognized by our strong partners. And we will continuously provide perfect tailored solutions for intelligent office and home furniture.

Our Workshop

Ergonomic Smart Office & Home System Solutions / OEM & ODM Customization Services

The core electronic technology comes from Taiwan
The core computing solution is provided by ST

Safety standards
Approved by: CE, UL, TUV, EMC, SAA, BIMFA

Highly customized products
Meet a variety of projects, Just-in-time delivery

Industry-leading position
80%+ automatic production, standard manufacture, uniform quality

Innovation research center
Make work more comfortable and healthier

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Workshop Equipment Introduction

30,000 square meters of factory, more than 200 workers
4 large laser-cutting machines
2 bending machines
12 YASKAWA automatic welding robots
2 advanced automatic spraying lines
8 automatic assembled machines of desk legs
2 automatic lubricating grease injection machines
6 assembly lines
2 automatic packaging lines

Automated Production and Quality Testing

OEM & ODM Services -Vakadesk workshop production line 99 (2)

Automated spraying line
ensure consistent coating thickness, consistent color, high efficiency, green environmental protection
Multiple sanding before spraying
to increase adhesion and ensure a firm spray, durable for more than 10 years
Automatic welding robots
ensure standardized welding, firm and beautiful, high-efficiency

80% automation and standardized production
to ensure constant quality, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and reduce labor intensity
Automatic leg-assembled equipment
ensure smoothness during assembly, ensuring smooth lifting of each leg, no stagnation
According to the BIFMA test standard
product has undergone smooth test and aging tests to ensure the service life is more than 50,000 times
Weigh before packing
to ensure that the shipping package is correct, even a screw will be no less

OEM & ODM Services -Vakadesk workshop production line 1 (2)
Vakadesk workshop production line f2-1

> Automatic assemble, ensure the assemble process is uniformly stressed and lifted smoothly.

> Self-check function, substandard painting, or loose spacer, the system will warn.

> High efficiency, reduce workers’ labor force.

Vakadesk workshop production line f1-1

> Check whether smoothly lifting of the legs or not, testing 12 hrs in heavy load.

> Ensure each leg is sturdy even after long-distance sea transportation.

> Motor match test to ensure the performance of each motor.

Vakadesk workshop production line f3-1

> Weight test before packing, precision up to 0.01KG.

The machine will be warned even if a screw is missing.

> To ensure each part and accessories are included.

Reduce clients’ complaints of missing parts.

Our Team

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Felix Liu Director

Felix is always passionate about creating & providing comfortable, ergonomic, and dynamic office and home furniture. Vaka, the furniture company he is in charge of is a manufacturer that has continued to innovate ergonomic furniture since 2015.

In 2022, Vaka released the wall-mounted sit-stand desk series, and in early 2023, Vaka launched the world’s first electric height adjustable loft bed. From our factory to our showrooms, Vaka’s employees are masters at what they do.

As his life creed: work healthily and enjoy life, our director Felix advocates work-life balance. He loves being outdoors with his wife and 2 kids when he’s not working. And he is a superfan of Marathon. He has been competing in the Marathon since 2017. And his latest record in the full marathon was 2:59:54 set in December 2023.

Our Certificates

Certified & distributed worldwide.

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Our Work

Experience our exceptional ergonomic furniture solutions.

Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about Vaka Manufacturer.

Whether styles with different prices & quality levels for different markets or tailored to meet the needs of different customers, Vaka gives us various flexible options. Vaka team makes us rest assured when working with them.

David S.

Vaka’s electric desks have transformed our workspace. The motors are quite strong and quiet. It’s exceptional quality and aftersales service. We really recommend Vaka desks!

Mandy P.

From the 1st meeting at the Canton Fair, we’ve experienced very pleasant cooperation with Vaka. Vaka is a reliable partner in the height-adjustable sit-stand desk field!

Audrey C.
Procurement Manager