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Supply High Quality Electric Standing Desk Height Adjustable Desk 5 Years Warranty

 Electric Standing Desk

 Vaka Desk- electric standing desk China manufacturer

Electric Standing Desk

Vaka is a professional manufacturer of electric standing desk/height adjustable table for years. Different from most Chinese suppliers,  our desks use Taiwan top actuator lifting technology and motors. In addition, the factory applies strict ISO9001 QC standards. Above all, our products offer 5 years warranty and accord with American and European market requirements and have got UL, BIFMA, CE and SAA certificates.

Best Seller: T320

T320 dual motor electric standing desk is a high-quality   3-segment standing desk. This best sit to stand desk is motorized by world-famous linear actuators and motors. Supported by an intelligent ASIC control box,  the 4-memory  LED controller can lift and lower the stand-up desk to height range 640-1290mm. The metal desk frame is telescoping design,  at the same time it can be extended from 1075-1800mm.  Besides it  fits 1200 / 1400 / 1600 / 1800mm desktops.


  • Apply world top electric linear actuator technology and use imported motors
  • intelligent control box with Hall Sensor and controller with 4-memory keypad
  • Quiet, soft and synchronous start/stop motoring in each leg, no trembling
  • Three-segment desk legs and width adjustable desk frame base for multi-use workstations

Specification :


Output: 24V DC

Transformer power: 200W (0.2w on standby)

Power supply current: 5A


Max speed:40mm/s

Noise level:  50DB

Duty Cycle: 10% ( 2 mins on 18 mins off)

Column: 3-stage rectangular / square / round

Frame adjustable range: 1075-1800mm

Height adjustable range:640-1290mm

Bracket: 600 mm

Frame Color: white / black / grey

Why Do I Need a Height-Adjustable Desk?

The answer to this one is simple: because sitting all day is disastrous to your health! How? Why? We’ve got some answers for you:

Your Car, Office Chair, and Couch are Conspiring to Kill You. Just a Heads Up.

As a matter of fact, it Burn 50 More Calories an Hour Just By Standing While You Work

The health contrast is startling. Sitting all day can lead to diabetes, blood clotting, increased obesity, and even cancer. On the other hand, standing for even a couple of hours while you work will help you burn more calories, decrease the risk of long-term health issues, and lead to a more productive workday.

Infographic: How Much We Sit, How Much We Hate It, and What Can Be Done About It

Study:  in reality Sitting Less Adds Years To Your Life

If you’re a more visual person, we found a great infographic to help you visualize just how devastating a lifetime of sitting can be. So that you don’t have to take our word for it. In fact, The science is consistent and clear: a standing desk is crucial for long-term health and short-term happiness.

In the Ergonomic Olympics, Are You a Bobsleigher or a Skier? Why Not Be Both?

Oh, and one last point before we move on. After reading all that stuff about how dangerous sitting all day can be, I’m sure you want to stand and stand and stand. However,  the important thing to remember is that the key is active, you need to move around all day. Important to realize Standing all day isn’t really that much better than sitting all day. With this mind, we recommend a sit-stand desk, therefore will let you change positions during your workday.

When do I need an Adjustable Height Desk?

All right,  certainly I need a standing desk! What now?

So now that you’re aware of the issues that come with sitting all day, the next step is to upgrade to an adjustable height desk! But which one to pick? Well, the answer is clear. Whether you care about performance, stability, sturdiness, weight capacity, longevity, or price, the best standing desk on the market is the Vaka T320.

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