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What is an Electric Linear Actuator?

What is an electric linear actuator?
An electric linear actuator is a device that converts the rotational motion of an electric motor into linear motion (push or pull movement).
An electric linear actuator can be used anywhere a machine pushes or pulls a load, raises or lowers a load, roughly positions a load, or rotates a load.

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Some styles of electric or electromechanical linear actuators used in electric standing up desks include:

  • Gear Motors – Gear motors allow for economical and flexible designs when matching them with various external spindle assemblies. The compact design is typically worm gear driven and an excellent choice for mechanical synchronization.
  • Dual Motor – A dual motor linear actuator creates movement in two directions either individually or simultaneously. This minimizes the number of linear actuators required in a particular application. They are also typically worm gear-driven motors, which operate at a lower noise level.  While these are typically more expensive per unit, the total system cost will be more economical due to fewer parts.
  • Linear Slide Actuator – This actuator style creates a linear movement without the use of an outer tube. It utilizes a plastic slide mechanism that travels across the actuator, attached to the frame of common household furniture.
  • Electric Lifting Column – The primary advantage of an electric column is its ability to vertically lift high loads while retaining a high degree of stability.

We hope that this has helped you develop a better understanding of electric linear actuators and their application in linear motion systems.
The other world-leading company in this sector is TiMotion.  Based in Taiwan, they are industry-leading provider of electric linear actuators. The company specializes in innovative solutions that help manufacturers of industrial, furniture, and medical equipment to provide the best possible solutions to their customers. 

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Customizable electric linear actuators are increasingly used for applications where hydraulic and pneumatic systems are not the best fit. Vaka is proud to use Timotion’s top technology and parts in the adjustable standing up desks.

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