Why choose Vaka Intelligent Furniture standing tables

Why choose Vaka standing tables?

Vaka, as one of the earliest suppliers in the standing tables field in China, knows deeply that the key value of an electric height adjustable table lies in its electric systems(controllers & motors), just like the heart to humans. That’s why at Vaka, we source our controllers and motors from Taiwan TiMotion, a trusted world brand known for its reliability and performance comparable to Linak in the field.

By partnering with TiMotion, we ensure that our tables meet the highest standards of quality and durability. In addition to using top-notch electric lifting systems, we also manufacture the frames of our tables in mainland China, allowing us to offer competitive prices to our clients without compromising on quality.

Why choose Auto-production lines Vaka Intelligent standing tables -TiMotion systems -Vakadesk

Compared with the market average lifting speed(around 30~35mm/S) & loading capacity (around 100~110kgs) of dual-motor sit-stand tables, by adopting Timotion electric lifting systems, our standing tables can reach 40mm/S lifting speed & over 150kg loading capacity, with noise rate <39 dB.

Timotion control boxes have outstandingly sensitive built-in gyroscope anti-collision systems, which ensure the safety of users by detecting obstacles and preventing accidents during the desk’s movement. This makes our desks ideal not only for offices but also for home offices and study rooms, providing a safe and efficient working environment.

Usually, the buzzing of a refrigerator when it’s working is about 40 dB. By using advanced mute motors from TiMotion, the noise rate of the Vaka desk is less than 39db, which is lower than a working refrigerator. And compared with lower-cost open gears, Timotion motors have with closed-gear design, which could prevent the lubricating grease from air-slaking. So the desk frames perform more smoothly, and safely, with lower energy, lower noise, and longer-lifespan to provide a quieter & more comfortable high-quality working environment, and to increase users’ happiness & productivity.

Why choose Auto-production lines Vaka Intelligent standing tables - Timotion motor with closed gear -Vakadesk

Timotion closed-gear motor

Motor with open gear (1)

× Others’ open-gear motor

Furthermore, by being equipped with automated production facilities, Vaka factory can meet high standard quality and high-efficiency production to provide clients with competitive prices. Such as the column thickness is up to 1.5mm, and the powder coating thickness is up to 80~120μm. There will be weight tests on our automatic packing line, and the precision is within 0.01KG, which means the machine will warn if the weight deviation is up to 0.01KG, such as if there is a screw missing. So that ensures per package wouldn’t be lack of any accessories to trouble our clients.

After tens of thousands of sets of production, our factory has equipped rich experience from laser cutting and welding to calibration, spraying, and assembly. With extensive experience in manufacturing and attention to detail, we guarantee that every desk frame operates smoothly and efficiently, with a repair rate kept within 3/1000.

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To ensure the global distribution of our standing desks, Vaka has obtained certifications from reputable organizations such as CUL, UL, CE, FCC, EMC, etc. These certifications testify to the safety, quality, and reliability of our products, enabling us to serve clients worldwide.

We extend a warm invitation to new and regular clients to explore our range of high-quality standing tables and experience the difference that Vaka can make in creating a conducive and ergonomic workspace. Join us in our commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of standing tables, and let us collaborate to elevate your work environment to new heights.

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