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More ergonomic way of office: electric lifting table

More ergonomic way of office: electric lifting table.

Stand-up office, just for the state of work to provide a different choice, not to make people stand forever work, stand tired can sit, sit tired can stand up. Everyone according to their own needs and comfort adjustment like.

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Why stand up to work?

The motivation to start was simple — sitting at a desk all day long, sitting still for long periods of time, and those who were not particularly young on the team began to feel pain in the back and neck. In addition, after lunch and 3-4 p.m., many people may feel that it is the most drowsy time of the day, and it feels comfortable to stand for a while.

And awareness of the dangers of being “sedentary”, while you’re sitting there, muscle activity is almost zero, and the body’s metabolic minimal energy consumption, so for a long time, heart rate, effectiveness, and quality of cholesterol metabolism, insulin levels will decline. A number of studies have shown that sedentary people are significantly more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, and type 2 diabetes.

Standing at work, the extra calories consumed, losing weight, as well as the feed state of lethargy after relief, let everybody works standing up is longer and longer, sometimes after lunch I stand is work the whole afternoon, even I also use at home.

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Many famous people in history like to stand at work.
Standing work is not a new concept. Many celebrities in history enjoy standing up to work. For example, Hemingway, Dickens, Churchill, etc

To stand at work, in the simplest case, only one plane of sufficient height is enough. If you look at body science, you know that the majority of sitting tables are 65-75 cm in height. The standing work desk, Vaka adjustable table height adjustable between 64 cm-129 cm, and the best can be adjusted according to the height of people.

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